With the start of the New Year, maybe you would like to celebrate some changes you have made to your diet already? Eating more vegetables or cutting out gluten? Maybe switching to organic foods and shopping at some of the weekly organic markets to support these amazing farmers that have made the transition to organic farming? Let’s celebrate these changes together at a dinner night at the beautiful Juno Restaurant in Nisantasi. In fact, I spent a day there last week training the chefs in the kitchen and coming up with a menu. So much fun!

All the proceeds from the evening will go to the Turkish charity Hayata Destek (www.hayatadestek.org), which fights child labor and promotes social and economic justice. I would be very happy to see many of you there.

– Gluten-free Dilled Cornbread with Zahter-spiced Beetroot Dip;
– Coconut-Celery Root with Parsley Sauce and Herbed Salad;
– Millet Patties with Tahini and Balsamic-Wilted Chard;
– Buckwheat-Pear-Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Whipped Cream.

3 Şubat 2015